Bullets Fired at Paris Kosher Restaurant


A kosher restaurant in Paris was fired on in an attack that is similar to one on a Paris synagogue days earlier.Read More

6 Things You Need to Know About Jewish Sperm

By Hody Nemes

Be fruitful and multiply, the Bible says. But donating — or receiving — Jewish sperm isn’t as straight-forward as it sounds. Here’s what you need to know about Jews and their sperm.Read More

Using the Genes of Israeli Wheat To Fight Climate Change

By Richard Blaustein

Israeli experts have found a way to boost the yield of grain in parched lands: They search wild wheat for useful genes that can make commercial varieties more resistant to drought.Read More

How Angelina Jolie Changed Things For People With BRCA Mutations

By Karen Iris Tucker

A year after Angelina Jolie went public about her double mastectomy, interest in genetic testing has increased. But a worrying trend is also shaping up: unnecessary breast-removal surgeries.Read More

Was She at Risk for Cancer or Wasn’t She?

By Dorothy Brown

What do you do if several family members have cancer, but testing shows that you don’t carry a known, faulty mutation? Here is one personal story of how to deal with an unknown risk factor.Read More

Why Are Jews At Higher Risk For Pancreatic Cancer?

By Cheryl Alkon

Ruth Bader Ginsburg made history as the first Jewish woman on the Supreme Court. She also beat steep odds after contracting deadly pancreatic cancer.Read More

FMF Patients Battle for Awareness and Affordable Drugs

By Gabe Friedman

There is no cure for Familial Mediterranean Fever, which strikes 1 in 200 Sephardic Jews. A drug called colchicine manages the symptoms — but rising costs makes it tricky to obtain.Read More

A Network for Courageous Parents Offers New Views, Advice on Grief

By Gabrielle Birkner

Grieving parents find support and a way to cope with their child’s fatal diagnosis in the Network For Courageous Parents, a new videocentric online resource.Read More

The Genes That Affect Indian-Jewish Vision

By Nathan Jeffay

A mysterious genetic mutation causes sight problems that affect 1 in 10 Indian Jews in Israel. Geneticists at the Soroka Medical Center now want to understand what it does.Read More

Two Grieving Mothers, One Friendship

By Gabrielle Birkner

Becky Benson and Emily Rapp both lost a child to Tay Sachs disease. Other than that, they had little in common – until they became each other’s ‘grief mentor.’Read More

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