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Don't Be Shocked by Jewish Honor for Anti-Gay Pastor Charles Stanley

By Jay Michaelson

The Jewish National Fund is honoring Charles Stanley, an anti-gay pastor. Jay Michaelson says that’s not shocking given the growing alliance between pro-Israel and evangelical Christians.Read More

How Novel About Armenian Genocide Became Bestseller in Warsaw Ghetto

By Edna S. Friedberg

How did a novel set amid the Armenia genocide become a bestseller in the Warsaw ghetto? Edna S. Friedberg says ‘40 Days of Musa Dagh’ inspired resistance among Jews.Read More

Divergent Views of the Holocaust Form Root of Tension With Israel

By Samuel G. Freedman

The tension flaring between Israel and the United States is not new. Samuel G. Freedman writes the source is also the same: Two very different views of the Holocaust.Read More

Are American Jews Too Loyal — to the Democrats?

By J.J. Goldberg

Tensions between the U.S. and Israel have boiled over before. J.J. Goldberg explains why it’s different when a liberal Democrat is the one in the White House.Read More

America's Not '1984' Yet — So Why Can't I Refuse To Back Gay Marriage?

By Avi Shafran

If Avi Shafran were a bakery owner, he would refuse to make a wedding cake for two grooms. He says the Constitution enshrines his right to do so, even if most Americans think otherwise.Read More

How France's Le Pen Family Feud Is Manna From Far Right Wing Heaven

By Robert Zaretsky

France’s right wing leader Marine Le Pen hopes to remake the National Front’s extremist image. And she might just succeed — by using her infamous father as a fall guy.Read More

The Promise of Nuclear Deal With Iran — for Israel

By Meir Javedanfar

The reaction to the Iran nuclear deal has been nothing less than hysterical. Despite some risks, Meir Javedanfar says the framework agreement actually enhances Israel’s security.Read More

How Bibi and Bush Made a Mess of the Middle East

By J.J. Goldberg

It’s hard to understand the tangled web of chaos in the Middle East, writes J.J. Goldberg. Until you go back to two men whose misplaced obsession with Saddam Hussein created the mess.Read More

Be Careful What You Wish For in Indiana

By Michael A. Helfand

Liberals slammed Indiana’s religious freedom law as backdoor bigotry. But Michael A. Helfand explains why its benefits far outweigh the risks.Read More

After Iran Deal, Time for Bibi To 'Reassess' Quixotic Fight

By Chemi Shalev (Haaretz)

Barack Obama is trumpeting a deal with Iran that achieved more than most expected. Maybe it’s time for Benjamin Netanyahu to ask some searching questions — of himself.Read More

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