What Is Israeli Cuisine?

By Devra Ferst

Food editor Janna Gur and chef Michael Solomonov discuss ‘New Israeli cuisine’ and how it can be expressed through one incredible meal.Read More

Two Meals, 30 Years Apart in Jerusalem

By Jane Eisner

Thirty years ago, Jane Eisner and her husband ate a memorable dinner in Jerusalem on their honeymoon. This summer, they returned for a second taste.Read More

The Next Generation of 'the Seltzer Man'

By Leah Koenig

A new generation of seltzer folks, like 25-year-old Alex Gomberg of the Brooklyn Seltzer Boys, is putting the fizz back in soda water delivery.Read More

One Man Shares Tale of a Traditional Kosher Schechting Sheep Slaughter

By Elliot Cravitz

A personal quest for ethical kosher meat led one man to participate in a traditional sheep slaughtering. He shares his experience of the ritual known as schechting.Read More

Reclaiming Jewish Classics With a Trip To the Farmers' Market

By Leah Koenig

Traditional Jewish dishes like kugels and kasha can get tired. But with the help of a farmers’ market, these classic foods can be downright redemptive.Read More

A Feast of the Forest

By Leah Koenig

Erin Gleeson’s story reads like a modern homestead fairy tale. She married a rabbi, ditched New York for a cabin in the woods and launched a blog chronicling the her delicious feasts.Read More

Smoking Hot Kosher Delis Come to Toronto and Texas

By David Sax

Deli devotees are returning the Jewish eatery to its roots. Until now, none of them have been kosher. David Sax explains why that’s finally changing.Read More

Talking Kosher Pork With Iconic Foodie Michael Pollan

By Sara Rubin

Food journalist Michael Pollan chats about his new book and why the other white meat’s forbidden status should be reconsidered. Hear him out.Read More

In Gaza's Kitchens

By Naomi Zeveloff

For two months, two women traveled through Gaza learning about traditional foods and the stories behind them to create what is likely the first cookbook on Gazan home cooking.Read More

Digging Deep Into the Collective Kitchens of Israel

By Jonathan Cummings

The communal dining room was once the beating heart of Israel’s kibbutzim. Assi Haim and Ofer Vardi set out to capture the recipes in a new cookbook — before it’s too late.Read More

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