Fast Forward

Where We’re Going This Summer

By Forward Staff

Where is the Forward spending its summer vacation? We asked staff members to write about their plans — from Utah to a picturesque island off the coast of Brooklyn.Read More

All of Abraham Lincoln’s Chosen Friends

By Lenny Picker

Attorney Abraham Jonas and foot doctor Issachar Zacharie are well known friends of Abraham Lincoln. Here are three others who played an important role in his remarkable life.Read More

Abraham Lincoln's Greatest Gift to the Jews

By Lenny Picker

What exactly was Abraham Lincoln’s greatest legacy? The Great Emancipator moved us irrevocably away from Christian America rhetoric and toward a more inclusive vision.Read More

Was John Wilkes Booth Jewish?

By Lenny Picker

The rumor that Lincoln’s assassin belonged to a family of Spanish Jewish ancestry has been around for a while. Historians Jonathan D. Sarna and Benjamin Shapell dig deeper.Read More

10 Ways to Make a More Modern Seder

By Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic

There’s no single right way to conduct a Seder. But there are some ways to bring the Passover celebrations a little more up to date — from matzo to the four sons.Read More

My Lonely Passover in Uruguay

By Naomi Tomky

During her semester abroad in Uruguay, Naomi Tomky couldn’t find a Passover Seder to attend. The year after, she decided to host her own — and thus, the ‘Freder’ was born.Read More

The Limits One Woman Confronted When Dating While Disabled — and Jewish

By Laura Hess

Laura Hess dreamed of meeting her very own Paul Newman. And when she went to a matchmaker, she sounded like a perfect catch — until he discovered her disability.Read More

My Big Fat Irish Bar Mitzvah

By Judith Hannan

Judith Hannan fretted that her husband’s Irish culture might take over the hearts of their children. The twins found room for both when it came to their bar and bat mitzvahs.Read More

Lessons of Crime and Punishment in New Square Yeshiva

By Shulem Deen

As a young dad in the Skverer sect, Shulem Deen took the one job open to him: teacher. He was shocked to find that punishment was the bedrock of education at the New Square Yeshiva.Read More

How Kayaking in Alaska Prepared Me To Be a Rabbi

By Niles Elliot Goldstein

‘Gonzo Judaism’ Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein opens up how a kayaking trip through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge prepared him for his rabbinate — despite the sensory overload.Read More

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