Iran Rumblings Show Need for Tough Nuclear Diplomacy

EDITORIAL: Iran’s supreme leader may have been playing to hardliners when he talked away parts of the nuclear deal. His remarks only underline the diplomatic work that still needs to be done.Read More

For the Iran Nuclear Deal, on Balance

EDITORIAL: There are plenty of valid questions about the Iran nuclear deal. But the risks of allowing the deal to collapse far outweigh the dangers of trying to build a lasting settlement.Read More

#147NotJustaNumber in Kenya

EDITORIAL: The world joined together as one to denounce the terror attacks in Paris, and rightly so. Why haven’t we summoned the same moral outrage over the massacre in Kenya?Read More

In Indiana, We Have To Choose

EDITORIAL: The uproar over Indiana’s new law is the latest example of Americans trying to strike a balance between religious values and civil rights. Sometimes, we have to choose.Read More

The Dilemma

EDITORIAL: American Jews wondering how to reconcile liberal values with a new right-wing government in Israel shouldn’t walk away. Here are some alternatives.Read More

The Anti-Semitism Surge That Isn't

EDITORIAL: A new study purports to show a shocking rise in anti-Semitism on college campuses. But on closer look, it’s time we put the brakes on all the panic.Read More

How Can We Support Israel's Ideals — but Not Bibi's Ugly Rhetoric?

EDITORIAL: Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t King of all Jews. Our wrenching dilemma is to back Israel’s humanistic values while distancing ourselves from a leader who stands for the opposite.Read More

A Teachable Moment at UCLA

EDITORIAL: All of us should condemn the questioning of a UCLA student about her Jewish faith. But let’s put the incident in context, instead of giving into inaccuracies and fear.Read More

Anatomy of a Smear

By Jane Eisner

How does one person’s complaint become a nasty public crusade? Jane Eisner dissects the smear campaign against prominent Jewish leaders who support the New Israel Fund.Read More

How Bibi's Speech Raises Stakes for All of Us

EDITORIAL: Benjamin Netanyahu gave us great political theater. He also raised the stakes in his battle with the White House on Iran — and that could be dangerous for all of us.Read More

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