October 30, 2009

Looking Back

Published October 21, 2009, issue of October 30, 2009.

100 Years Ago In the Forward

Still in critical condition not long after being attacked by hired goons while he was on the picket line in front of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, Joe Zigfeld lies in a hospital bed. His attackers, however, are roaming freely. The violence surrounding the pickets has abated over the past few days, mainly because the goons who have been attacking them have been hired by politicians to shake down people for votes in the upcoming election. Other unions have also responded to the Forward’s request to support the striking workers, and it is possible that, after the elections take place, a general strike will be called.

75 Years Ago In the Forward

The ongoing “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” trial, currently taking place in Bern, Switzerland, will be postponed for one month after the prosecution provided damning evidence that the “Protocols” is a total forgery. The postponement was given so that the Swiss Nazi Party, which is being sued by the Jewish community of Bern, can have an opportunity to rebut the charges. The Nazis, in fact, have said that they will provide “evidence” that there was actually a meeting of the “elders of Zion” during which they decided to take over the world using a variety of methods. As is already known, the “Protocols,” were created by the tsarist secret police in Russia to convince the tsar that the Jews were sworn to destroy him.

50 Years Ago In the Forward

Ahmad Shukeiri, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United Nations, gave a long speech to the international body, in which he said that the Arab states will never disarm themselves as long as Israel exists. Shukeiri is known as the bitterest antisemite in the United Nations. The initial speech the ambassador planned to give — a copy of which was given to officials prior to the actual speech — didn’t mention Israel at all. But Shukeiri apparently wasn’t able to take the podium without pouring vitriol on his most hated enemy, Israel.

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